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SSI SCHAEFER in Germany has your job with a future!

At our branches in Germany we have employees with a vast range of logistics expertise. With our Competence Centers in Neunkirchen (Siegen) and Giebelstadt (Würzburg), more than 2000 employees are helping us shape the future of intralogistics.

FRITZ SCHÄFER GMBH, Neunkirchen, Siegerland

As well as being the SSI SCHAEFER international headquarters, our branch in Neunkirchen focuses on  core product areas such as storage  equipment, workshop, corporate and office equipment, waste engineering and recycling. Typical products at this site include storage and transport containers, shelf racks, pallet racks, long item and mobile racks. These products form the basis for both manual and fully-automated storage systems.

SSI SCHÄFER IT SOLUTIONS GMBH, Giebelstadt near Würzburg

SSI SCHÄFER IT SOLUTIONS GMBH is the Group’s software devision. In addition to the proprietary WAMAS® warehouse management system, the extensive software portfolio also includes SAP products designed to handle all customer needs from incoming goods to shipping.

Other branches in Germany

In addition to our two Competence Centers, we also have numerous other branches throughout Germany that offer a variety of interesting job opportunities. As an SSI SCHAEFER employee you will also enjoy an extensive benefits package.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Enjoyable job

  • International activities

  • Flexible working hours

  • On-going training and further education

  • Company pension fund

  • Capital-forming benefits

  • Vacation

  • Corporate medical service

  • Home office for field staff

  • Assistance with house/apartment search

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