The Solution Components: Mezzanine

The three-story rack platform system is fitted with a central staircase to reach the levels. Divided into different segments, the rack platform was equipped with different versions of the R 3000 shelving system. Depending on the stored goods, trays of different depths or special hanging devices for long products are utilized. The picking bins (up to 50 kg) are automatically transported to the lowest storage level through a conveyor system. A simple system with a light barrier automatically starts the system as soon as a bin is set down. A barcode scanner used to exclude individual bins has already been installed for further expansion.

At a Glance: Shelving System R 3000

  • Subsequent expandability and adaptability

  • Versatile equipment thanks to an extensive line of accessories

  • Plug-in system for quick assembly

  • The static racks feature variable adjustment capabilities and thus contribute to fulfilling ergonomic requirements

  • Euro mass modularity

  • Up to a maximum of 6,000 kg per rack field