WAMAS® Smart Watch Picking

Ergonomic workflows with smart watches for manual operations in the warehouse.

Regardless of company size and sector, the digitalisation of processes and workflows in intralogistics has a direct impact on systems and work places. The use of wearables (portable computer systems) unlocks new potential and creates further possibilities for optimising the supply chain.

WAMAS® Smart Watch Picking (SWP) is a combined solution of software and hardware, which reduces error rates. Its improved ergonomics make manual warehouse processes more efficient.

Compared to picking with scanners, mobile terminals or lists, this picking method leaves both hands free for the actual activity and the picker is not unnecessarily disturbed in his sequences of movement. Unlike with smart glasses, the visual field remains unrestricted. SWP has a positive impact on the performance of pickers and contributes to the employees´ health in the long run.

Easy integration of logistics software WAMAS®

For projects which do not require any sophisticated data handling during manual warehouse processes, WAMAS® Smart Watch Picking can be integrated smoothly as a complement to well-known WAMAS® Picking solutions, not only into existing SSI SCHAEFER solutions but also into solutions by other providers.

The logistics software WAMAS® implemented in the Smart Watch (Android) offers a visually designed, intuitive user guidance.

WAMAS® Smart Watch Picking is a truly intuitive tool for manual picking - it offers the display of current order state information, picking and storage processes as well as order finalisation.


  • Spare parts warehouse for small parts

  • E-commerce of niche specialists or retailers

  • Fulfilment Factory: Picking in the branch

  • 3PL service provider for shop delivery

  • Production supply (KANBAN)

  • Integrated user management

  • State information display

  • Order request

  • Visual assistance and intuitive user guidance for the following warehouse processes

    • Storage

    • Picking

    • Stock addition

  • Order finalisation

  • Ergonomisches Arbeiten / ergonomische Prozesse erhöhen Prozesssicherheit

  • Ergonomic working / ergonomic processes increase process security

  • Comfortable to wear, easy and intuitive operation

  • Hands free working

  • Tactile perception possible, for example by vibration

  • Simple training of staff by using widely spread consumer products

  • No visual field restriction

  • No usability restrictions for employees with visual impairment

  • Low investment costs

  • 24/7 support all over the world

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