Article Title (Default)

Article Text (Default)

Article Formatting Options:

The Article Title is automatically a Heading 2 if you use it as a text element in a Page.

(H1 comes from the Hero Teaser Text of the Page itself. So you do not need to define the Headling manually here.)

In the Article Text you can determine H2,H3 & H4 yourself:

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4 

This is a main text size as an article text with all necessary formatting. You can have bold,bold italic, italicunderline or strike through or superscript or subscript.

Internal Link: Example Internal Link (You can choose between: open in New Window or open in Current Window)

External Link: Example External Link (You can choose between: open in New Window or open in Current Window)

And you can integrate a Picture, this will look like this and takes the whole width:

This image is put directly into the Article Text field and not into the "Pictures and other Media" Section.

Changing the Image Crop: Double click on the image or right click: open in Tab and change the crop 3:2 if you want to set a differnt focus point.

You can change the text aligment:





Please mainly use left-aligned.

You can add a Table:

this is a table 

with 2 columns

and 3 rows

you can't really see it 

as the lines 

are transparent but 

You can also integrate a Bullet list, this looks like this:

  • one

  • two

  • three

You can add special sytles for this unordered bullet list.

With yellow bullet points:

  • b

  • c

Or with yellow checkmarks:

  • b

  • c

This also works als a Numbered list:

  1. one

  2. two

  3. three

Via special numbered list style you can add yellow numbers:

  1. b

  2. c

You will find all these formatting options in the bar above the Article Text field.