Collection: Layout Variant "Collection Grid Download" (yellow by default)

Description & Usage


  • You can add PDFs (drag & drop Download element to  the "Items" Section of the Collection)

  • You can add Images to the PDFs (add an image into the "Pictures & Other Media Section" of the Download element and not into the Collection element)

  • You can use the Collections Teaser Title and Text as Headline & Subheadliine for the Downloads but you don't have to.

Special Teaser Options:

  • You can change the color to grey by using the Special Teaser Options selecting the checkbox "Grey background"

This Layout Variant for Downloads replaces: 

  • Collection Download (deprecated)

  • Collection Single Download Fullwidth (deprecated)

Please do not use these old Layout Variants anymore! Both have an automatic redirection to Collection Grid Download (the standard version with yellow background).