Content Type: Collection Overview

The Collection Item is the default content for grouping other elements (e.g. to teaser several other Pages). 
You simply add the content items you want into the "Items" Section, and they are displayed together. Differnt Layout Variants are possible.

We have 23 different Layout Variants for the Content Type Collection. But you mainly need only 6 of them. The Collections that are used most often are marked in bold in the table below (and another 6 of them are old depcreated ones).

Please do no longer use the layout variants with the following addition at the end of the name: (deprecated). These (deprecated) variants are old. All those that are still present in the system will be automatically redirected to the new variants. You can find the redirections in the following table overview.

Content Type: Collection; Layout Variants:


"Teaser" Title hidden

Collection Teaser Row

Several elements (other Pages or News) displayed in a row.  Yellow by default. Only Title ot the elements is displayed.

In grey with checkmark possible. Grey version also shows category of the Page & the number of columns depends on the number of items here. Yellow version always stays in the same size.


Collection Double Teaser

2 elements side by side, headlines & short decsription text, yellow by default, grey with checkmark, works also with more elements


Collection Grid Download

collection contact

Collection Faq-List

Collection Accordion

displays several Articles, first one open by default

Collection News Teaser

Collection of News to be displayed as News teaser group. The first added one is displayed in full width with image, rest only teaser text