Thailand is gaining worldwide recognition for the quality of its healthcare services. In 2019, the country was ranked sixth among 89 countries with the best healthcare systems*. To serve growing patient needs, DCH Auriga has expanded its distribution center to be at the forefront of the industry.

Latest warehouses technology that distributes delicate items of pharmaceutical
To effectively store, pick and prepare the products from inbound to delivery, DCH Auriga partners with SSI SCHAEFER Thailand for solutions to optimized storage space and ensure the storage system under temperature-controlled, and with the right technology to prevent picking errors.

Storage and Picking all in one solution
SSI SCHAEFER's concept for Healthcare and Cosmetics logistics has been proven effective and reliable for many warehouse owners. The material handling flow of temperature-sensitive healthcare products is critical and the need to keep the inventory cycle short and accurate is paramount.

The SSI LOGIMAT® simplifies the order processing workflow, using the goods-to-person principle, processes the orders from the ERP system to pick and replenish orders received from hospitals, clinics and general stores. 
Virtually error-free, the WAMAS® LOGIMAT software solution controls the lot management, allows the medical supplies to be stored and picked according to either FIFO or LIFO storage strategy, as well as expiration or sell-by date.

Cost-saving - Reduced warehouse footprint and electricity 
Modelled like an elevator shaft in a building, the SSI LOGIMAT® is fitted with a blower to manage a controlled-temperature of 2°C to 8°C in the vertical space. Within a 20m² footprint, it brings the electricity cost down by 60% and saves up to 90% storage space. 

*Accurate at time of publication


DCH Auriga Ratthakorn Pattharawetwong testimony

Achieving a leaner warehouse process

“Thanks to SSI SCHAEFER's vertical lift module - SSI LOGIMAT®, the solution has enabled DCH Auriga to handle the storage of medical related goods safely and efficiently. By achieving a leaner warehouse process (picking and replenishment), we could focus on delivering medical supplies properly to the hospitals and clinics, By being one of the best healthcare logistics providers in the industry, we take pride in every single stage of the process, and to serve the industry with only the highest quality of goods.”

Ratthakorn Pattharawetwong
Assistant General Manager Operations and Commercial Excellence
DCH Auriga Thailand


DCH Auriga wanted to develop an order picking solution and introduce semi-automation solution in their daily operation. By retrofitting the limited space of an existing facility, DCH Auriga can optimize material handling flow, improve efficiency and better utilize the available space without having to uproot their business.


  • Eliminate conventional storage rack, the 8.65 meter tall SSI LOGIMAT® is located in a 24m² cold room, provides storage for 1,300 SKUs within a 20m² area

  • The design and modification of the SSI LOGIMAT® fitted into a shaft in a building concept to prevent cold air slippage, keeping the temperate controlled at  2°C to 8°C

  • Increased the picking performance and accuracy

  • Visualization of system processes with the WAMAS® logistics software for accountability and traceability of goods


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DCH Auriga Case Study_lo- SG

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