A tale of little Gold-Bears and major challenges

Just mention the name HARIBO and anyone with a sweet tooth, whether young or old, immediately conjures up images of the legendary Gold-Bears and Licorice Wheels. The tempting treats are the product of a traditional German family-owned company that is one of the top ten players in the international confectionery industry. And although it was founded almost a century ago, HARIBO is very much a forward-looking enterprise. Its preparations for the challenges of the future include a highly impressive logistics center close to the city of Bonn.


What specific services has SSI SCHAEFER provided for the goals of HARIBO?

Supplying Gold-Bears to a growing global market calls for high-performance logistics: 24,000 square meters of floor space, a 120-meter long, 100-meter wide and around 40-meter high silo-type, high-rise racking system with 92,800 pallet positions. This solution is capable of putting away up to 645 pallets per hour, and retrieving up to 590. It forms the backbone of a manufacturing infrastructure designed to meet the imperatives of the 21st century. Or as fans of the brand might put it: the Gold-Bears have found a new home.

It is perhaps illuminating to consider the ferociously competitive market that HARIBO has been successfully serving since 1922: the food industry, in particular the candy segment. There are profits to be had, but competition is international and growing, and the price of raw materials is on the rise. As a result, success is not just a matter of product innovation, but also process flexibility and cost efficiency, not least in intralogistics.

From the outset, HARIBO was well aware of the huge scale of the task. It was therefore essential to choose the right partner and to avoid multiple supplier interfaces. This prompted a decision in favor of a one-stop solution from SSI SCHAEFER. The company had a deep understanding of the industry and its processes and was able to deliver multiple systems and components via its in-house manufacturing resources. This meant HARIBO could be sure of effective project coordination. This was an important point as there was a tight timeline, with just two years from start to finish.         SSI SCHAEFER passed the test with flying colors, not only staying within budget but completing ahead of schedule.

The HARIBO success story

“SSI SCHAEFER really hit the sweet spot. They have the right philosophy and they approach challenges in the right way. SSI SCHAEFER as our one-stop partner made our logistics dream come true.”
Stefan Sorce, Managing Director Haribo Logistics Company


Spectacular insights into the two family businesses’ mammoth project

SSI SCHAEFER was awarded end-to-end responsibility for construction and logistics for the new warehouse. What is behind this: HARIBO’s success is not just about great taste and high-quality products, it also hinges on seamless, behind-the-scences warehousing – to ensure the ongoing availability of their delicious goods. The individual solution is characterized by a powerful high-bay warehouse with more than 92,000 pallet storage locations and 22 energy-efficient storage and retrieval machines, some 2.6 km of conveyors, and the WAMAS® logistics software as well as the WAMAS® Lighthouse logistics cockpit.


Case Study HARIBO English

Case Study HARIBO English

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If you compare intralogistics to an orchestra, IT is the conductor. At HARIBO the WAMAS® logistics software combines all components to an intelligent system and prepares the world-leading confectionary company for the future.


“Digital transformation” refers to the use of digital tools and technologies. The changes that digitalization brings are creating major challenges for companies while also offering incredible opportunities.

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The sophisticated combination of modular products and solution-oriented technologies makes all the difference. For each customer we design a tailor-made solution just like for HARIBO.


The Lager-Fix containers were a revolutionary innovation at the time. When they were launched in 1953, SSI SCHAEFER proved its ability to create solution-oriented innovations. Since then, we have developed numerous other innovative and even award-winning products and solutions.

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high-bay warehouse with a capacity of 92,800 pallet storage locations

High bay warehouse

An efficient and fully automated storage and racking system is absolutely essential for optimizing complex storage processes.

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Logistics Software WAMAS

WAMAS from SSI SCHAEFER combines all your intralogistics components into one intelligent system. The software manages and controls all...

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