The rapid rise and growth of online commerce has created fundamental changes for companies which come with a completely new range of challenges. In order to keep pace with these developments, companies have to enhance their efficiency and streamline their processes while also reducing costs. Your company can profit from and grow with e-commerce with a tailored intralogistics concept from SSI SCHAEFER.


Electronic commerce or “e-commerce” refers to sales and purchasing processes that take place via the Internet. This form of electronic business has confronted commerce with fundamental changes that influence the entire way companies do business. Online commerce is rapidly expanding due to consumers’ changing behavior. Now, they purchase products via the Internet far more frequently than in brick and mortar outlets. E-commerce is on the rise and this trend will continue in the future. Companies have to adapt in order to avoid being left behind if they wish to participate in e-commerce now and in the future.

Fiercely competitive markets, narrow profit margins, smaller quantities together with a constantly growing and changing product range mean that e-commerce traders are forced to implement increasingly efficient processes while optimizing the delivery times. These are critical success and competitive factors for e-commerce. This applies to both large and mid-sized companies. At the same time, seasonal order peaks and – depending on the industry – extensive article returns also need to be handled. Although the challenges confronting e-commerce companies with regard to their in-house material flows are similar in many industries, they are not identical. The individual solution strategies differ greatly and are highly specific. In view of this, SSI SCHAEFER has specialized in six market sectors, in which it combines its entire expertise: food retail, food and beverage, retail and wholesale, healthcare and cosmetics, fashion and industry.

Every day, our more than 10,000 employees in over 70 locations including 10 production facilities and 4 competence centers prove why SSI SCHAEFER numbers among the best performing companies on the market. Our comprehensive product range together with our innovations and tailored solutions can handle almost any challenge. To prevail in the highly competitive e-commerce market, companies require an extremely effective and flexible intralogistics solution. This enables them to deliver goods from their very broad product range to their customers on the very next day. Modular solutions based around scalable system elements deliver the best results. They create flexible intralogistics structures capable of handling the demands of highly dynamic online commerce.

SSI SCHAEFER’s strength lies in providing solution-oriented technologies that give our customers the chance to grow through change.

SSI SCHAEFER offers companies gearing up for e-commerce a broad spectrum of products and solutions. These range from manual to partially-automated to fully automated systems. Combined with the competent consulting and planning provided by our experts, our products and solutions enable you to optimally adapt your intralogistics to the requirements of e-commerce while preparing your company for upcoming changes. Suitable intralogistics ensure that you can fulfill your customers’ demanding expectations. In the process, e-commerce will drive your company’s growth!

Solutions for e-commerce and efficient handling of returned goods. The traditional sales channels “retail business” and “mail-order business” are becoming increasingly interwoven. In many areas, they have transformed into multi-channel or omni-channel models. The continuing growth of e-commerce results in increasingly complex and demanding delivery chains. SSI SCHAEFER began to address these changes from the outset and established a team of experts for the e-commerce market to develop the necessary solutions and concepts. The “Fulfillment Factory” is one of these intelligent concepts. This modular system for optimizing the picking process and order processing is ideally for e-commerce applications. The goods can be sorted and sequenced highly dynamically in the smallest possible space. At the same time, returns are also integrated while simultaneously processing B2C and B2B orders. This makes the Fulfillment Factory especially interesting for a diverse range of products such as clothing, shoes, electrical articles, toys, household devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other consumer goods.

The SSI Carrier and SSI Mover overhead conveyor systems are the central elements of the Fulfillment Factory. The SSI Carrier is designed for loads up to 3 kg, while the SSI Mover transports loads weighing up to 10 kg. The load carriers are equipped with an RFID transponder or a barcode. This prevents errors and achieves high reliability.

SSI SCHAEFER is the general contractor and full-range supplier. We provide our customers with a one-stop package encompassing all of the products, solutions and services they need. This enables us to offer a perfectly customized intralogistics concept capable of handling the demanding and constantly changing requirements of e-commerce. With an effective intra-logistics concept, you lay the foundation for customer satisfaction, securing your company’s growth and success. SSI SCHAEFER serves as your powerful partner!