Innovations and Trends in material handling and logistics

Modernization and more

In addition to a comprehensive range of warehouse modernization options, SSI SCHAEFER also offers a very broad service portfolio. This includes rack inspections to DIN EN 15635 “Application and maintenance of storage equipment”. SSI SCHAEFER also has its own officially certified rack inspectors who possess the necessary technical skills to carry out qualified inspections. Warehouse operators must have an annual rack inspection carried out once per year to safeguard the safety of the employees and the pristine condition of the goods. The following racking systems require inspection: static racks, pallet racks, cantilever racks, drive-in racks, drive-through racks, multi-level facilities, mobile racks, ORBITER® racks as well as fully automated AMS systems, high bay pallet racks and channel storage systems.

The inspections consist of visual inspections carried out during operation. The results are documented accordingly and indicated by an inspection badge. If repairs are required, we quickly and competently replace the defective parts with new components. SSI SCHAEFER only utilizes original parts.