Innovations and Trends in material handling and logistics

Overview of the retrofit activities

SSI SCHAEFER offers its customers a diverse range of modernization solutions. These are specifically tailored to the company’s requirements and contribute to accelerating, improving and enhancing the performance of the existing intralogistics.

Facility and control system modernization:

Serial technology, drives requiring extensive maintenance, high energy consumption and old, proprietary control systems are outdated. Modernizing drives and control systems along with replacing outdated components with new, energy-efficient units (“green logistics”) can improve performance by up to 30%.

Energy savings from SRM components:

Equipping existing storage-retrieval machines (SRM) with modern control units creates extensive potential energy savings by intelligently linking circuits or energy feedback units, for example.

Expansions enhance efficiency:

Expanding existing systems is another integral part of our modernization solutions. A sustainable improvement in efficiency can be achieved by implementing additional warehouse files or conveyor routes. Modifying existing transport paths, replacing components or converting racks serves to increase the amount of available space.

Process optimization through IT modernization:

Modernizing the IT system landscape by replacing server and client hardware, updating the operating system or databases, modifying or expanding the current IT processes or by implementing a release change also makes an important contribution to optimizing the processes.