Chin Seng Huat _warehouse loading dock


With over 50 years of expanding the business operations, Thai leading automotive spare parts distributor, Chin Seng Huat Auto Parts (CSH), was faced with a much common problem. The storage and picking of over 50,000 small auto parts accurately present a challenge. Working with SSI SCHAEFER, a new semi-automated solution, the SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift module, was installed with the Pick by Light feature to aid in error-free picking. The vertical lift module (VLM) solution yields a total of 2,500 box locations for high-value small parts item as it sets standards in picking performance and ergonomic goods-to-person principle comfort.

While goods can be stored directly into the Pallet racks for 100% selectivity, the project also included a Mezzanine system fitted with the shelving system. Thanks to the versatile configuration of a wide range of accessories, the multi-tier shelving system provides a comprehensive and efficient supply of spare parts for the automotive industry. 

Thus was the Carton and bin conveying system designed to efficiently transport cartons and containers. With the combination of conveyors and Work Stations, CSH can now keep their goods flowing for economical processes involving repetitive procedures and consistent transport paths, allowing for higher throughput. 

Today, the solutions from the intralogistics expertise go a long way towards ensuring an efficient supply of spare parts from over 30 suppliers per day to customers throughout Thailand.