SSI Carrier - Overhead Conveyor system


This year, the top-class jury again consisted of professors, scientists, industry representatives, and trade journalists. Together they evaluated the nominated products and solutions according to a set list of criteria. After looking at the long-term and overall benefits, it was, above all, progress – meaning innovativeness, product maturity, and a forward-thinking approach – that enabled solutions to qualify for recognition.

The patented SSI Carrier was awarded a place on the "Best of" list at the 2018 Industry Awards, which supports the notion that SSI SCHAEFER is one of the top brands worldwide when it comes to providing products, systems and full solutions for internal material flows. The recognition of the SSI Carrier is another chapter in the company’s success story when it comes to its flexible overhead conveying systems. The award truly cements SSI SCHAEFER's market position as a genuine model of success.

"This award is an endorsement of our focus and our long-term investment in developing products and solutions. We developed the SSI Carrier as a direct response to customer demand and this, therefore, puts us in the best position to satisfy the market requirements which are related to omni-channel distribution," claims Michael Mohr, Executive Vice President Sales at SSI SCHAEFER. "We are very excited about the award and we see it as more than just a positive response to our innovative pouch sorter."

SSI Carrier: Versatile, economical, and award-winning

With a single drive system, SSI Carrier transports, stows, buffers, distributes, and sorts – this innovative product is truly multi-functional. The modular pouch sorter system was developed primarily for the parallel processing of multiple distribution channels and to act as a highly efficient and dynamic returns buffer in e-commerce. The patented design by SSI SCHAEFER combines both increased storage density and gentle transportation for a wide variety of products, including shoes, electrical goods, household devices, cosmetics, and items of clothing. 

SSI Carrier

The SSI Carrier system from SSI SCHAEFER is a pocket conveyor with a modular design. It is capable of transporting a diverse range of products such as shoes, electronics articles, toys, household devices, cosmetics, and clothing. Its exceptional flexibility is the key feature of this system. A single load carrier is capable of accumulating, buffering, distributing, and sorting your goods.