SSI SCHAEFER is your systems specialist for intralogistics

Companies from all over the world trust SSI SCHAEFER to implement their future-safe logistics solutions. Future-proof logistics solutions must integrate seamlessly into existing processes, be infinitely expandable, and adapt flexibly to new conditions.

Developing complex logistics solutions requires specialists and experts who think in terms of systems rather than individual, isolated activities. At SSI SCHAEFER, this integrated system mentality has been the basis of our success for decades. Our extensive portfolio of solutions and products covers the entire spectrum of intra-company material flow. Continuously expanded with new innovations, this portfolio forms the foundation for precisely tailored solutions designed to meet our customers’ exact requirements.

A driving force of innovation for 80 years

When Fritz Schäfer founded a manufacturing company for sheet metal products in 1937, no one ever suspected that his company would one day become the world’s leading provider for logistics products and systems. The development of the storage fix box was the foundation for the company’s success. This revolutionary innovation in the container market remains an integral part of many storage systems today.

Other innovations soon followed, in keeping with the company’s philosophy of always thinking one step further than the market. SSI SCHAEFER developed into a system specialist for intralogistics. With its innovations and its integrated approach, it supports companies around the globe with optimizing their supply chain.


For more than 75 years, SSI SCHAEFER in Neunkirchen is a family-owned and operated company. As the market leader in warehouse logistics, we produce steel profiles for the well-known Schaefer shelves as well as totes from plastic and sheet metal. Within the SSI SCHAEFER Group, you get complete logistics systems from a single source. We are also a major supplier of waste containers and garbage bins.


Our customers profit from the fact that the SSI SCHAEFER Group manufactures all of its own components, from racks to fully-automated systems. More than ten production facilities manufacture the company’s products and systems using state-of-the-art technology. With 70 branches operating around the world and more than 9,500 employees, SSI SCHAEFER is an effective and reliable partner.

SSI SCHAEFER is your systems specialist for 

  • optimizing material flow processes,

  • guaranteeing goods availability,

  • reducing costs,

  • reducing errors,

  • making efficient use of resources, and

  • making better use of your employees’ potential.

As a general contractor, SSI SCHAEFER implements complete logistics systems services, ranging from comprehensive system planning and consulting to IPMA-certified project management and the delivery of turnkey systems together with tailored service and maintenance agreements. The in-house construction department also assists with the preliminary planning and site selection for your project.

Those who know SSI SCHAEFER, know that we are exceptionally committed to our customers. This includes

  • the commitment to always provide the optimum solution, 

  • the commitment to always be there for our customers,

  • the commitment to always keep what we promise.

That is why you can always expect absolute dedication. We support you worldwide with employees available to assist you, with developing new technological solutions or providing complete service throughout the entire life-cycle of your systems. Not only today but also tomorrow and in the future.

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