Megatrend “Neo-ecology”: more than nature conservation

Neo-ecology is more than just nature conservation or opposition to major industry. Sustainability and efficiency characterize every area and combine economy, ecology, and social responsibility. More and more consumers prefer “good” brands and companies that offer more than just a product. These companies promise to make a contribution to the lives of their customers, employees, and society as a whole.


  • For successful companies, environmental protection, good working conditions and equal advancement opportunities for everyone are integral aspects. These see themselves as “good companies” that actively assume responsibility in society.

  • Customers increasingly judge the ethical and ecological aspects of products and brands when making purchase decisions.

  • Cultivated consumption, reflected in coffee, tea, clothing, and food cultures today, will replace classical status and luxury goods.

  • Companies place increasing value and sustainable production during the product development. Sustainability as a customer benefit gained increasing importance as an added value and as an advertising focus.