Personal data

Personal information is information about your identity. These include e.g. information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address. This information is always processed in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation requirements and other data protection regulations applicable to our company.

For use of our website, it is generally not necessary for you to disclose personal data. In certain cases, however, the processing of personal data may be necessary, for example to provide you with particular services you may require.

The same applies for example to sending information material and ordered goods or answering individual questions. We will inform you accordingly when necessary.

If there is no legal basis for the processing of this personal data, we will obtain your consent.

In addition, we only store and process data that you voluntarily provide to us and, if necessary, data that we collect automatically when you visit our internet pages (e.g. your IP address and the name of the pages you have accessed, the browser you use and your operating system, date and time of access, search engines used, names of downloaded files).

If you make use of our services, generally only such data will be collected for the purpose of providing the services. If we ask you for more detailed data, the information in question is voluntary. The processing of personal data takes place exclusively for the fulfilment of the requested service and, if necessary, for the protection of one's legitimate business interests.

The following categories of personal data may be collected when you visit our website or through other processing described in this privacy policy:

  • Master data (names, addresses, etc.)

  • Other personal data provided by you (personal interests, etc.)

  • Contract data (customer number, contract number, etc.)

  • Content data (texts, photos, videos, etc.)

  • Contact details (e-mail, phone numbers, etc.)

  • Meta data (IP addresses, device information, etc.)

  • Usage data (visited content, access times, etc.)

  • Concerned persons are thereby users/prospective customers of our offers.