Stackable containers

Folding bins

Reduce volumes and costs

All of the folding plastic bins are designed for Euro pallet dimensions. SSI SCHAEFER’s folding bins are distinguished by their fixed, strong top rim. In addition, they have a very rigid form and can be safely stacked, in particular when a cover is not used. The folding bins from SSI SCHAEFER feature a sophisticated unlocking system for the sides and are also very robust. When equipped with reinforcing ribs or a double floor they are also an optimum solution for fully automated storage systems and are used in a variety of different industries.


Comprehensive range of accessories

SSI SCHAEFER also offers an extensive range of accessories for folding bins. These include a diverse range of covers or roll pallets for rapid transport within your company. In addition, our bins with ribbed floors are ideal for use with the automated miniload system (AMS).


  • Designed for Euro pallet dimensions

  • Sturdy and robust construction

  • Available in various sizes to meet your specific requirements

  • Made of polypropylene

  • Very rigid and sturdy

  • Safe stacking

  • Good handling thanks to ergonomic handle options

  • Suitable for barcoding and labeling 

  • Suitable for lead sealing

  • Suitable for transporting light goods

  • Comprehensive range of accessories for customized container designs

  • Empty, folded bins provide up to 80% space savings

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