Conveyor technology for totes

SSI Carousel

Maximum economy
1,000 picks per hour, 50% higher storage density, and a modular system concept make the SSI Carousel your scalable and intelligent system solution for dynamic picking processes with high performance and the greatest economy.

The SSI Carousel is an outstanding solution for handling small parts along with medium to slow-moving products. These include pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, electronics components, media, food along with standardized and small parts.

Outbound goods

The SSI Carousel can also be effective utilized as shipping buffer for previously picked, outbound shipments.


  • Combined sorting and picking system

  • Goods-to-person picking system (low noise emissions)

  • Optimum space usage

  • Enormous increase in efficiency

  • Optimum material flow, shorter order processing times

  • Highly dynamic system with the smallest possible footprint

  • Zero-error picking

  • Consistent storage and retrieval performance regardless of the filling level (> dual actions/hour)

  • The gentlest product handling

  • Low energy consumption and wear

  • Excellent integration capabilities and compatibility

  • Innovative storage technology for significantly higher storage density

  • Real-time stock management

  • Expiry date monitoring

  • Batch tracking

  • The highest reliability and availability

The standard SCS consists of four rotating carousels, each with a decoupled automatic loading and unloading unit. The dense and space-saving shelf stocking enables a capacity of up to 6,000 containers for a standard system with four carousels.

Each system module is essentially an automated miniload system (AMS) based around the standard container. The available containers are manufactured in-house and can be divided into 8 different compartments. The containers also have a capacity of up to 25 kilograms. The storage locations are accessed by fully automated lifts with load handling devices.

Vertical and horizontal conveyor paths transport the containers to the storage locations in the four aisles and transfer them to the circulation-system’s integrated conveyor loop. This loop moves the containers to the picking locations. The resulting decoupling of the movements doubles the performance of the lift up alone in comparison to conventional intralogistics systems. In addition, re-supply procedures can be integrated seamlessly into the picking process without diminishing performance.

The consistent and ergonomic implementation of the goods-to-person principle is a key factor for the continuously high throughput and fatigue-free work. The clear user guidance confirms, guides, and checks every picking procedure using Pick by Light and Put to Light systems. The picking locations can be configured as Get and Pick Station systems.

These optimized procedures increase the picking rate of every employee to up to 1,000 picks per hour while reducing the error rate to almost zero.

The work station can carry out all essential warehouse functions: picking, incoming goods, returns processing, inventory management, and other article management tasks

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