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Your entry level solution for warehouse management

WAMAS® GO! is the ideal solution for mid-sized, manual storage systems. At the same time, it also forms the basis for manual warehouses. This highly standardized entry-level variant is based 100% on the successful WAMAS® logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER with more than 1,200 systems installed.

WAMAS® GO! is the foundation for manual warehouses

SSI SCHAEFER’s WAMAS® GO! software comes with an extensive range of warehouse management functions together with a broad spectrum of interfaces to ERP and other third-party systems.

WAMAS® GO! grows with your requirements thanks to its modular scalability. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with SSI SCHAEFER’s storage technologies, for example, the semi-automated LogiMat® storage lift solutions and our mobile pallet rack systems.

WAMAS® GO! supports and optimizes the following warehouse processes:


WAMAS GO! - Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Warehouses

Not entirely up to date regarding your stock? Looking for optimization potential in your warehouse? Do you consider taking inventory a burden? If so, you have come to the right place! While you concentrate on your business, we will take care of the optimization of your warehouse for you!
WAMAS GO! is an expandable warehouse management system that supports customers in their storage and retrieval processes as well as in order picking, thereby optimizing the flow of goods.


WAMAS® GO! is the ideal solution for middle-sized, manual storage systems

WAMAS GO! always keeps your current inventory and delivery orders under control. System-based storage, retrieval processes and permanent stocktaking ensure constant stock reliability. Automatic planning and control of picking ensure that deliveries are made on time. With the WAMAS® GO! control center you always have an overview of your operation and can intervene, if necessary.

  • Short-term ROI

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Sustainable savings

  • Highly reliable investment

  • Regular releases

  • Proven server architecture

  • 24/7 support worldwide

  • State-of-the-art usability concepts

  • Constant availability

  • Openness to enable future changes

  • Intuitive material flow views

  • Dashboard and KPIs

WAMAS® GO! enables you to improve your warehouse utilization and optimize the transport routes in the warehouse. The system supports your employees with their daily work. This results in a significant increase in efficiency. As a consequence, WAMAS® GO! is the perfect way to reduce costs. Its intuitive operation means that new employees can be trained quickly. If necessary, you can make modifications to your warehousing procedures in WAMAS® GO! yourself.

  • Standardized processes

  • Transparent stock management

  • Storage space optimization

  • Consistent process reliability

  • Optimized time and paths

  • Reduced order processing times


WAMAS® GO Warehouse Management System brochure 2018 English

WAMAS® GO Warehouse Management System brochure 2018 English

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