The strategic importance of logistics software

Logistics software is of exceptional strategic importance during these times of transformation. IT plays a key role in the intelligent networking of material flows and processes. Companies are no longer searching for simple software modules but rather system solutions that are capable of handling specific requirements.

The changing logistical tasks and increasing complexity within warehouses also creates greater demands on the coordination between the individual fulfillment sub-processes.

A higher-level management system has become essential for optimizing, steering and monitoring all of the data and resource flows within the supply chain in order to clearly track all relevant goods movements and bookings.

All of the orders, data, stocks and stock changes, execution instances and status of every party involved is linked in real time. This enables enterprises to actively maintain complete control of the supply chain. This means that the logistics software must be understood as a complete solution. This enables the system to be operated with the highest efficiency while simultaneously eliminating possible interface problems.

The WAMAS® software suite is a key feature of SSI SCHAEFER and is a new software solution that more than fulfills these needs. The WAMAS® logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER reliably safeguards the vertical integration of all logistics components, offering customers a complete, high-performance system.