Training and certification CSS

Training and certification

Training and certification ensure the correct use of your systems

Your facilities and systems need to be used correctly in order to achieve their full potential and prevent unnecessary downtime. SSI SCHAEFER offers you and your employees the required training, which is available both directly after commissioning and as and when needed.

The training seminars are organized by specially formed teams and take place either at your premises or at our own in-house testing facility. Our technology center enables your employees to familiarize themselves with our systems and learn how to use them with SSI SCHAEFER’s technology in a controlled environment. Your employees will receive a certificate after every completed training session.

SSI SCHAEFER maintenance training is provided exclusively by experienced service technicians who also receive regular training themselves. Naturally, all of the training seminars are available in a variety of different languages.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Maintenance training for customers carried out in-house at SSI SCHAEFER or on your own premises

  • User training

  • Administrator training

  • Optional re-training after changes in personnel

  • Combined theory and practice provided directly by the manufacturer

  • Standardized, proven, and constantly improved training program

  • Training carried out by qualified SSI SCHAEFER trainer with extensive professional experience

  • Training carried out at the customer’s own premises (worldwide) and also at our national branches

  • Online learning platform for continuous and independent training of your technicians



Brochure Customer Service and Support DE

Brochure Customer Service and Support DE

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