With the growing presence as an international trade hub, supply chain and logistics industries in Singapore are rapidly evolving to stay ahead of the global curve. Using technologies from SSI SCHAEFER, YCH Group, the leading homegrown supply chain solutions company created a world-class logistics center, equipped with smart logistics and robotics solutions that would provide end-to-end supply chain solutions in the region. 

Asia’s Epicenter for Supply Chain Excellence

YCH Group’s 50-metre rack-clad facility is built on a framework of a lean automated workflow to support smart and manpower-lean operations. In the pursuit for high-performing logistics with Singapore's position as the leading logistics hub, the high-bay warehouse in Jurong Innovation District is equipped with 18 energy-efficient SSI Exyz storage-retrieval machines (SRMs) to simultaneously store and retrieve pallets for a seamless inventory flow. 

Building a Secure and Energy-Efficient System

Effective material handling process forms the foundation of an efficient warehouse. Dedicated to safety in every aspect of the operations, the SSI Exyz machines are designed with special brakes to offer additional security for the rails which comply with the EN 528 safety standards. In addition, thanks to the Green Crane Technology, the intelligent control of the SRM ensures maximum energy and cost-efficiency in warehouse operations.

Ensuring 100% Visibility Across the Supply Chain Ecosystem

To strengthen the communication between every stakeholder in the supply chain, the SSI SCHAEFER logistics software WAMAS® allows a holistic and transparent view of the fulfilment operations and the material flow processes. With real-time monitoring, the warehouse management system provides more control and information through the entire supply chain system.