Company values

It all began with a box.

When Fritz Schäfer transformed customer requests to products almost 80 years ago.

When Fritz Schäfer founded a manufacturing company for sheet metal products in 1937 no one ever suspected that the company would one day become the world’s leading provider of solutions for logistics systems and products.

Fritz Schäfer had a very special talent that continues to shape our company today: the ability to think outside the box. This has given rise to international expansion and new business areas. We have the ability to identify our customers’ problems and needs. Instead of simply offering the most obvious solution we create the solution that truly solves the customer’s problems.

In the process, we have become a “one-stop shop” and provide complete systems. These solutions are pragmatic, effective, and forward-looking.

We listen to our customers and have retained our curiosity. That is why we search for solutions beyond the obvious.


The system mentality of SSI SCHAEFER is deeply rooted in our history. This attitude is why SSI SCHAEFER is one of the few companies in the market to offer complete solutions. All of the elements of our systems are designed for perfect compatibility. They are modular and integrated. As a consequence, we can accompany and support our customers’ continuing growth.

The storage fix container impressively demonstrate how SSI SCHAEFER consistently develops sophisticated and award-winning solutions. SSI SCHAEFER is always searching for a better solution for a product or system where our customers’ requirements are paramount.

Located in over 70 locations, which include 7 production facilities and 4 specialized competence centers, over 10,500 employees prove every day that SSI SCHAEFER is one of the most effective companies in the world. Our extensive solution portfolio, industry knowledge, technical expertise, innovative strength and global presence enable us to carry out both individual small solutions along with large custom projects with complex requirements on time and within budget. During the process, SSI SCHAEFER makes an essential contribution to our customers’ success. To gain both the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers, the SSI SCHAEFER team works a bit harder every day.

As a family-owned company, SSI SCHAEFER takes the long view. Our focus is on stable, continuous and secure growth. These family values are also reflected by the strong relationships with all of our interest groups.

Our customers are our top priority and they can rely on us as a trusted partner. That is why the company has remained true to their founder’s motto: “We never leave our customers out in the rain.”

Regardless of what our customers request: We quickly find a flexible and pragmatic solution that works now. Yet at the same time, we never forget to consider the long-term effects.

SSI SCHAEFER does not purchase products from external sources. We produce the entire solution in house, products as well as systems. In doing so, we retain our independence and guarantee that everything meets our demanding quality standards.