A diverse spectrum of social and technological developments will shape the future of intralogistics. SSI SCHAEFER presents an array of trends and innovations that everyone involved with intralogistics needs to know.

Artificial Intelligence

A World Beyond Our Imagination

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) simply a buzzword – or is there more to it? Is AI already deployed in real-world scenarios, or does it remain something for the future? An interview with Markus Klug, Team Leader, Data Analysis & Simulation, at SSI SCHAEFER IT Solutions, sheds light on the issue. Additionally, he provides insight into the SSI SCHAEFER plans to start leveraging AI in its projects.

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IT in the focus of intralogistics

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things are hot topics at the moment. Both have become determining factors in the industrial processes that not only have a significant effect on the production of goods, but also on logistics. The complex, interconnected systems that have come into being between production and storage can no longer be handled without modern, high-tech solutions. As digitalisation has increased, intralogistics has become a technology driver.

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Asia carves its way to automation

Asia. The largest continent on Earth and home to over 60 % of the world's population. This figure alone signifies the relevance of this part of the world for the global economy. Since the global financial crisis in 2008, the entire Asian economy has benefited from strong growth. Even countries that were comparatively little affected, like Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, record annual growth rates of 5 to 7 %. The same goes for India and Thailand. The only exceptions are Singapore and China, whose projected growth rates are lower.

Customer Service & Support 4.0

The invention that will revolutionise logistics

You will definitely have heard of this invention but won’t have related it to logistics: the self-driving car! It is mostly associated with the stubby Google car or adventurous YouTube videos from Tesla customers.

Human-Robotics-Collaboration - cyber-physical components

Human-Robot Collaboration: Working Together Efficiently

Robotics and automation are vital aspects of digital transformation – and human-robot collaboration (HRC) has a pivotal role to play. HRC entails people and machines working not simply alongside each other, but actively cooperating. Contrary to popular belief, automation will not replace humans in the long run. Instead, robots will relieve people of monotone and strenuous activities. In particular, machines can efficiently perform tasks that are potentially unhealthy or very difficult, which will ultimately protect employee well-being.

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E-Commerce Gains Traction In Europe

Online sales are rising rapidly across Europe. Consumers are very willing to make purchases over the Internet. In 2016, the volume of trade transacted over electronic channels grew by 15 percent year-on-year, to a total of 530 billion euros in a market with a total population of 500 million. And studies* have shown that buying and selling via online platforms continues to grow.

Material handling industry solutions for retail and wholesale

Successfully managing E-Commerce Challenges

The traditional boundaries between physical and digital retail are blurring. Worldwide, customers are increasingly making use of the ability to buy from anywhere, at any time. And they expect rapid, reliable delivery – to their home, or to a designated pick-up point. There must also be an effective way of managing returns. Altogether, these needs and expectations can only be met with powerful, state-of-the-art intralogistics.



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Industry 4.0

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