RFID Marker Set 'Special Markings'

Contents of the package:

1 x WEASEL® Lite | RFID Marker Set Special Markings
1 x WEASEL® Lite | Adhesive protective foil - round (25 pcs. per pack)

Contents per set:

RFID tags for
2 x 'speed limitation 30%'
2 x 'speed limitation 50%'
2 x 'speed limitation 80%'
6 x ‘remove’ speed limit'
2 x 'sensors off - left'
2 x 'sensors off - right'
2 x 'sensors off - all'
6 x 'sensors on - all'

The 'WEASEL® Lite | RFID Marker Set 'Special Markings'' serves to adjust speed in particular situations or to disconnect and reconnect defined sensors for short travel periods in confined conditions.