RFID Marker Set 'Station 004'

Contents of the package:

1 x WEASEL® Lite | RFID Marker Set ‘Station 004'
1 x WEASEL® Lite | Adhesive protective foil - round (25 pcs. per pack)

Contents per station:

1 x RFID tag for the corresponding station, 'fine positioning', 'turning left', 'turning right', 'request', 'new destination', 'delete destination', 'attention entry', 'entry', 'turning (group) left', 'turning (group) right', 'request (group)'

If an RFID tag of the 'WEASEL® Lite Starter Kit ' for station 004 broke or got lost, the 'WEASEL® Lite | RFID Marker Set 'Station 004'' is a suitable replacement.