ssi carrier, dynamic buffer

Flexibility and versatility

With the SSI Carrier, items weighing up to 3 kg within fashion, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or retail can be gently transported. The items range from clothes to shoes to cosmetics, toys, home appliances and electrical devices.

By using RFID technology and by handling individual items, small e-commerce orders as well as large retail orders in any combination and in any desired sequence, can be processed within one system.

The core element of the SSI Carrier system is the matrix sorter. Items required for customer orders can be picked in various preceding systems and transferred to the SSI Carrier system completely unsorted. There, sorting batches are formed from customer orders and sorted according to the desired sequence – also within a customer order. In doing so, orders with different sizes and destinations can be processed at the same time and unloaded in desired sequences at unloading stations. From there, orders are packed and provided for shipment.

The modular design of the SSI Carrier system allows for standard components to be combined variably and economically. Furthermore, very high sorting performances of several thousand to tens of thousands items per hour can be achieved. This means that the system is flexible and adapts to future business volumes at any time.