Pouch Sorter SSI Carrier

A modular pouch sorter for e-commerce and omnichannel distribution

The SSI Carrier, a pouch sorter by SSI SCHAEFER, is a compact and versatile overhead conveying system for parallel processing of different sales channels. This flexible sortation solution is particularly well suited for e-commerce. One single load carrier enables conveying, sorting, and sequencing of flat and hanging goods in one system – while achieving a high technical performance at the same time.


The SSI Carrier pouch sorter is used in various industries and optimizes returns handling

With the SSI Carrier, items weighing up to 3 kg within fashion, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or retail can be gently transported. The items range from clothes to shoes to cosmetics, toys, home appliances and electrical devices.

By using RFID technology and by handling individual items, small e-commerce orders as well as large retail orders in any combination and in any desired sequence, can be processed within one system.

The core element of the SSI Carrier system is the matrix sorter. Items required for customer orders can be picked in various preceding systems and transferred to the SSI Carrier system completely unsorted. There, sorting batches are formed from customer orders and sorted according to the desired sequence – also within a customer order. In doing so, orders with different sizes and destinations can be processed at the same time and unloaded in desired sequences at unloading stations. From there, orders are packed and provided for shipment.

The modular design of the SSI Carrier system allows for standard components to be combined variably and economically. Furthermore, very high sorting performances of several thousand to tens of thousands items per hour can be achieved. This means that the system is flexible and adapts to future business volumes at any time.

Thanks to its dynamic buffer, the SSI Carrier is also essential for smooth handling of returns. After a quality check, returned goods that are in high demand are stored directly in the dynamic buffer. The goods are immediately put into the system and are fully available for new orders and re-shipment - saving valuable time. This represents an optimal solution for just-in-time or same-day delivery.

The SSI Carrier also delivers in terms of sustainability. In addition to increased storage density and permanent availability, the intelligent switch-on-demand and use of passively driven components ensure a high degree of energy efficiency. High technical performance, built-in safety and low-maintenance operation distinguish the SSI Carrier pouch sorter.


The individual solution for automatic sequencing of flat and hanging goods - all in one system

Sophisticated Material handling from a single source

A modular system of SSI SCHAEFER includes various components like the SSI Carrier, which provides an efficient storage and sorting solution in one. The sophisticated, user-friendly software and control technology provided by SSI SCHAEFER perfects the overhead conveying system. Cutting-edge visualization technology and easily interfaces to ERP systems ensure a smooth integration into almost any type of warehouse.


Reliable, versatile, and unique.

  • Carrier: Roller adapter, which holds and transports pouches or hangers, and can be reliably identified by RFID chip

  • Circulation conveyor: A conveyor, that connects horizontal or platform overlapping functional units

  • Accumulation conveyor: Flexible conveyor for transporting, accumulating, sorting and buffering on horizontal conveying sections

  • Angle conveyor: Used to master considerable height differences on short sections

  • Switch: The connecting element between circulation conveyor and accumulation conveyor

  • Loading station: Intake of items into SSI Carrier system

  • Unloading station: Items are unloaded and packed in desired sequence

  • High sorting accuracy, load securing and built-in safety

  • Sequencing also within a customer order

  • Increased storage density

  • Safe transport of goods

  • User-friendliness thanks to simple user interface

  • Space-saving solution due to two-story construction and minimum use of gravity roller conveyors

  • Low-maintenance operation

  • High reading rate and error prevention thanks to RFID

  • Efficient returns handling

  • Pre-picking possible with dynamic buffer

  • Everything from a single source – development, production, planning, steelwork, custom IT, installation, commissioning and service

Items such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, toys, home appliances and electrical devices up to 3 kg are gently transported with the SSI Carrier. This makes it suitable for handling small e-commerce orders as well as large retail orders in various combinations and sequences. The SSI Carrier pouch sorter is particularly suitable for the following industries:


A flexible omnichannel distribution thanks to the highly dynamic SSI Carrier pouch sorter.

Tailor-made logistics solution for Fenix

If you are looking for suitable clothing and equipment for your next outdoor adventure, Fenix provides a wide-range of premium goods. In order to meet the growing challenges of the omnichannel business, Fenix Outdoor International AG founded its own logistics company within the group – the Fenix Outdoor Logistics GmbH. The logistics company supplies stores in Germany and Scandinavia as well as e-commerce customers on a daily basis from their new logistics center in Ludwigslust.

SSI SCHAEFER worked as general contractor and created a tailor-made logistics solution including turnkey implementation for Fenix Outdoor Logistics. Optimum handling of different characteristics of sales channels played an important role in this. Store deliveries are all about correct pre-sorting and sequencing of goods, while e-commerce stresses fast order processing of numerous small orders and highly efficient processing of returns. The core of the system is the innovative pouch sorter SSI Carrier by SSI SCHAEFER.


Pouch sorter SSI Carrier

The highly-dynamic pouch sorter system for e-commerce and omnichannel Distribution.

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