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Products from A to Z

Our products from A to Z

2Move® (Automated guided vehicles)

2Pick® (Automated guided vehicles)

2Stack® (Automated guided vehicles)

2Store® (Automated guided vehicles)

3D-MATRIX Solution®


Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Automated Miniload System (AMS)

Batch Pick´n Scan Sorter

Cantilever Racks

Channel storage systems

Container for storage lifts

Container handling system

Container systems

Container, Cut & Weld

Container, Euro container (KLT)

Container, Euro dimensions

Container, folding

Container, for shelving

Container, Nested

Container, Special containers

Container, stackable

Container, steel panel

Conveying system, carton / container

Conveying system, Case

Conveying system, Pallets

Conveying system, plastic link

Conveying system, Roll container

Conveying system, Tray

Customized inserts

Dunnage, Injection molded

Dunnage, thermoformed

Goods-in work stations

High bay warehouse

Interlinked Workstations

Logistic software WAMAS®

Long-span shelving


Miniload Systems (MS)

Mobile light-load racks with RFID technology

Mobile pallet racks

Mobile racking, pallets

Mobile racks for light and moderate loads

Mobile Racks, tires

Multi-Level Shuttle Navette

Open front containers

Order picking, automated

Order Picking, paperless/manual

Order picking, semi-automated

Overhead conveyor technology

Pallet dynamic flow racks

Pallet rack systems

Pallet racks

Palletizing and Depalletizing

Paper handling system

Paperless Picking

Parallel Picking System (PPS)

Pick by Light system with E-Pick

Pick by Light/Put to Light

Pick by Voice

Pick to Bucket

Pick to Tote

Plastic link

Radio Frequency Picking

Reusable Packaging



Schäfer Carousel System

Schäfer Case Picking (SCP)

Schäfer Miniload Crane

Schäfer Scan Machines

Shelf-Retrieval machines (SRM)

Shelving bins

Shuttle System Cuby

Small load carriers

Small parts store

Software Solutions

SSI Carrier

SSI Flexi Shuttle

SSI Orbiter

SSI Single

Stackable Containers with Euro dimensions

Static racks

Storage and shuttle systems


Vertical lift LOGIMAT®



WEASEL® (Automated guided vehicles)