Container systems

Storage boxes and containers for stacking, storage, picking, and transport

Our boxes and containers are designed to match perfectly and can be integrated into all SSI SCHAEFER shelving systems without any problems. The various types can be freely combined thanks to their precisely matching dimensions.

Customized logistics solutions

SSI SCHAEFER also develops customer-specific container designs in addition to these standard products. We have outstanding expertise in engineered packaging and customized designs . All of the developments draw on experience gained from innumerable practical applications. Usage under real conditions is better than any simulated tests. Because SSI SCHAEFER stands for exceptional quality products.  

Palettisation of filled workpiece carrier

Small Load Carriers

Customized Packaging

LTB container- storage and transport container


Small Load Carriers

Modular shelving

Small Load Carriers

Small Parts Store

Shuttle System Cuby with up to 36 storage levels

Small Load Carriers

Storage & Shuttle Systems

No elements available.