Semi-automated Warehousing and Order Picking Solutions

The increase in demands as a result of Industry 4.0, digitization and an increasingly relevant e-commerce mean that a company needs higher-performing intralogistics. Efficient processes and an individually customized degree of automation make it possible to master the new challenges. Some users would like to maintain their flexibility. Semi-automation is the right approach for ensuring a system’s efficient operation in this case. Depending on the customer’s needs, SSI SCHAEFER also offers solutions for growing automation and thus gradual mechanization. Particularly where cost-intensive order picking is concerned, semi-automated solutions such as vertical lift modules can substantially improve and speed up processes. The result is a more efficient process with increased productivity, lower costs and shorter delivery times. Semi-automated storage systems, such as mobile racking and channel storage systems, provide for cost-effective operations by automating individual operations and achieving optimal space utilization, and do all this at both normal temperature ranges as well as in the deep-freeze temperature range. Depending on the selected load carrier and the necessary speed, the storage density can be increased further or rack costs can be reduced. The systems can be ideally integrated into the intralogistical processes with suitable WMS software products (WAMAS or EasyConnect for SAP) that offer transparent monitoring and control functions. This lets you perfectly address your logistical demands. The advantages of semi-automated warehousing and order picking solutions are appealing not only to small and medium-sized companies, but also to large corporations, and allow them to increase their competitiveness. SSI SCHAEFER is one of the few specialists that produces solutions that are tailored to your specific needs – and all from a single source.