Case Study DB Schenker

Efficient Spare Parts Logistics for The Swiss Automotive Industry

Seamless mobility on roadways requires a comprehensive and efficient supply of spare parts and consumables to the automotive industry. Schenker Schweiz AG operates a distribution center on behalf of a leading automotive manufacturer, which supplies its network of distributors throughout Switzerland.


The newly constructed distribution center in Effretikon, Switzerland, stores spare parts for the entire Swiss automotive market. Directly connected to the highway A1 which forms the East-West axis of the Swiss road system, Schenker Schweiz AG benefits from fast transport routes, ensuring timely parts delivery. Careful spare parts and components storage on pallet and static racks guarantees that products leave the storage areas in perfect condition. This, in turn, ensures complete satisfaction of the contract distributors and garages who receive the parts. On Course for Growth in Global Markets

As an integrated logistics service provider, DB Schenker boasts a huge amount of service expertise. Teams of experts from contract logistics and supply chain management connect the modules of the service offering to create complex value-added chains. Whether in roadway traffic or in worldwide air freight and maritime traffic, DB Schenker supports industry and commerce in the global exchange of goods. Around the globe, a staff of close to 66,000 employees at around 2,000 locations generated sales in the amount of 15,451 billion euros in 2015.

Schenker Schweiz AG supports many its customers with reliable storage and transport services. To ensure a fast supply chain in the Swiss market, Schenker Schweiz AG is setting up a new distribution center for the automotive industry in Effretikon, Switzerland. Schenker Schweiz AG found suitable space in Effretikon for the new distribution center for spare parts and components. A warehouse solution for spare parts of various sizes and with varying warehousing requirements is to be integrated in the existing storage buildings. To optimize the processes and to relieve the strain on staff when transporting heavy picking bins, plans include equipping the platform system with an automated conveyor system.

Project Objectives

  • Setting up a distribution center for automotive parts

  • Expanding existing capacities

  • Process optimization with automated conveying of bins along the different levels of the rack platform system

The three-story shelving system is fitted with a central staircase to reach the single floors.

Divided into different areas the shelving system is equipped with different variations of the shelving system R 3000. Depending on the stored goods bins of different depths and special hanging devices for storage of long goods are used.

The picking totes (up to 50 kg) are automatically forwarded to the ground floor level by means of a conveyor system. Thanks to an uncomplex light barrier system the conveyor starts automatically when a tote is set down.

A barcode scanner used to exclude single totes has already been installed for further expansion.

At a glance: The shelving system R 3000

  • Subsequent expandability and adaptability

  • Versatile configuration thanks to a wide range of accessories

  • Boltless system allows for quick installation

  • The full shelf adjustability contributes to ideal ergonomics.

  • Compatible with Euro modularity

  • Maximum bay load 3.500 kg

Thanks to its modularity, the PR 600 rack system has proven to be the ideal solution for Schenker’s needs. Tires are stored on Euro pallets in a specifically designated tire area. For route optimization, a passage was also created for people and forklifts. Windshields and rear windows are safely and carefully stored using chipboard for longitudinal girders and vertical dividers.

At A Glance: Pallet Racking PR 600

  • Modular system with an extensive range of accessories

  • Solid and rugged design

  • Unique form provides stability

  • Simple set-up with very few components (plug-n-play system)

  • Load-bearing capacity of the frame of up to 30 t

  • Load-bearing capacity of the cross-members of up to 4.5 t


“Having SSI SCHÄFER as a partner has provided us with the ideal solution for our planned distribution center, and we were able to implement it within the scheduled timeframe.”

Tobias Eberhardt, Head of Logistics
Stefan Rüttimann, Project Manager Contract Logistics/SCM


Pallet rack with cartons on euro pallets

Pallet racks

Modular shelving


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