Containers as an Efficient and Sustainable Overall System

Nonetheless: plastic containers are not indestructible. But dm Austria has a solution for this. Damaged containers are removed from the cycle and sent to a non-profit association for repair. “A social project,” says Herbert Scheiblauer. “Their employees received special repair tools from SSI SCHAEFER and can restore a lot of boxes.” The rest of the containers goes, together with other scrapped and worn out containers that have been in service for decades, to a recycling plant where it is turned to raw material for new plastic containers. “All in all, the returnable containers form the basis for an efficient, sustainably effective complete system,” sums up Herbert Scheiblauer, dm drogerie markt GmbH. “It is fully scalable, offers many operational advantages and safe transport while generating significant savings. This is a success factor in our view. SSI SCHAEFER has proven to be a reliable partner in the long-standing business relationship with dm.”