LTB container- storage and transport container

Intelligent Container Systems for Warehousing, Order Picking and Transport

Having products consistently available has become a critical competitive criterion for many industries. The ability to handle and move product easily, safely and quickly plays a critical role. If a company wants to optimize its logistics processes, it should check how the use of containers can improve internal and external product movements. A company can increase its efficiency, for example, by transporting products using containers that keep them safe and protected and by reducing the volume of empty boxes by up to 80% upon their return, allowing the company to gain additional space. A reduction in packaging waste after switching from cardboard to containers promises cost advantages.

The SSI SCHAEFER success story began with our containers. Over the course of 80 years, we have developed outstanding competence that benefits our customers worldwide. High-quality materials, first-class quality and innovative solutions are what we expect – and we achieve this day in and day out at our production facilities in Germany and the United States. Both for manual and semi- or fully-automatic storage, our portfolio has numerous warehousing, order picking and transport containers.

Container Systems by SSI SCHÄFER

Container systems


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Visitors at Märklin will see what appears to be a simple blue box everywhere they turn. This inconspicuous box is the product of more than two years of joint development from Märklin and SSI SCHAEFER. This unique box is the solution for transporting the high-quality yet delicate products safely...

Case Study Märklin: blue containers


Providing solutions that are effcient, ergonomic, eco-friendly and engineered to last.

In addition to containers and trays for automated solutions, returnable packaging for reducing volume when empty, semi-open front storage and shelving containers for the ideal use of shelf volume and stackable containers for manual use, KLT containers for the automotive industry, steel bins for heavy loads and high temperatures as well as customized packaging are also part of our extensive portfolio

The Hema branches are mainly supplied with environmentally friendly returnable

Case Study Hema

Shop delivery - One box for the entire flow of goods at dm

Case Study DM

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Conveyor technology for totes

Stackable containers with Euro dimensions

Trays with partition


Stackable containers

Folding bins

Nest container

Nested containers

Modular Shelving Systems

Open front containers

Conveyor technology for totes

Stackable transport boxes

Shelf bins

Shelving bins

LMB containers on a tray for vertical lift module LogiMat®

Special containers for storage lifts

Custom containers

Special containers

Workstation with semi-open fronted containers with touch panel and pick-by-light

Steel panel containers

R-KLT container with ESD safe EPP foam insert

Euro container KLT

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A34 General Catalogue Chapter A Bins.pdf

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SSI SCHAEFER Catalogue - Greater efficiency with a system

SSI SCHAEFER Catalogue - Greater efficiency with a system

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