Futureproof yourself

Since the start of 2020, the logisitics world as we know it has been turned upside down.  The challenges of 2020 have changed the world of logistics.  The old normal will no longer be the new normal.  

Handling online orders will now become more important than ever.  In the current environment, having safe, contactless supply options is becoming an essential business process.  An effective online fulfilment operation will become the new standard. 

Is online fulfilment an option for your warehouse?  
•    How do you get your DC online-ready?
•    How can you adapt your logistics processes?
•    How can your DC accommodate online orders?

SSI SCHAEFER can help businesses navigate these logistics challenges.  SSI SCHAEFER logistics systems experts can work with you through these concepts to help you futureproof yourself.  We can review your current warehouse operation and help you prepare to adapt to the online world.  Our experience and expertise can help you transform your operation in these challenging times.

Picking goods is one of the most costly and labour-intensive processes for both warehouses and distribution centres.  SSI SCHAEFER has flexible picking solutions for every industry, ranging from paperless picking, to semi-automated and automated order picking.  

SSI SCHAEFER offers a wide range of modular transport and conveying solutions capable of handling the most diverse range of commercial goods flows with maximum efficiency and economy.  From automated guided vehicles to pallet conveyors, case and tote carriers and overhead conveyors.  

SSI SCHAEFER offers exactly the right storage solutions, regardless of whether you store small parts, large load carriers or pallets.  We are your one-stop source for efficiency-enhancing solutions ranging from pallet racks and container shelving and mezzanines.

Get your business moving forward again - get your logistics operation ready for the future environment. 

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