Company branches

Worldwide presence

The SSI SCHAEFER Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of storage and logistics systems. The company maintains an excellent international position with four competence centers in

  • Neunkirchen (DE)

  • Giebelstadt (DE)

  • Graz (AT)

  • Friesach (AT)

along with numerous production facilities and a total of more than 70 branches worldwide.


The Neunkirchen (DE) branch is the headquarters of the SSI SCHAEFER Group.

Expertise at a glance:

  • Storage, picking and transport containers

  • Static racks, platform systems

  • Pallet, wide, cantilever and mobile racks

  • Dynamic flow and supply racks

  • Fully automated high bay warehouses and silo warehouses

  • Storage lifts

  • Dynamic miniload systems

  • Workshop, company and office equipment

  • Waste engineering and recycling

As a general contractor with international experience, SSI SCHAEFER’s branch in Giebelstadt offers complete, turnkey solutions for storage and logistics. The spectrum of solutions ranges from system planning and consulting,to implementing complex systems together with tailored service packages.

Expertise at a glance:

  • Planning and consulting for general contractor solutions

  • IT systems for warehouse management and material flow management

  • Storage-retrieval machines

  • Pallet conveying systems

  • Service and maintenance

The SSI SCHAEFER branch in Graz specialises in planning, developing and producing highly dynamic conveyor systems and automated picking systems.

Expertise at a glance:

  • Container conveying systems

  • Sorting and dispatch systems

  • Automated and paperless picking systems

  • Container and paper handling systems

SSI SCHAEFER Friesach develops customised software solutions for manual and automated warehouse systems. The team is Friesach support  SSI SCHAEFER customers by finding solutions, implementing software, selecting optimum IT and warehousing infrastructures and providing employee training.

Expertise at a glance:

  • WAMAS® logistics software

  • Certified SAP Partner

  • Consulting and planning

  • Process optimization through innovative KPI analysis

  • Dashboards to display data in real time

  • 24/7 support and employee training

The SSI SCHAEFER branch in Neunkirch is a world leader in dynamic storage systems.

Expertise at a glance:

  • Mobile racks for pallets and heavy goods

  • Mobile racks for light loads

  • SSI Autocruiser

  • Schäfer Orbiter® System

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