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SSI SCHAEFER is growing local competence

The SSI SCHAEFER Group is the world's leading solution provider of modular warehouse and logistics systems employing 10,500 people.

The SSI SCHAEFER Group is the world's leading solution provider of modular warehouse and logistics systems employing 10,500 people. SSI SCHAEFER has been operating for over 20 years in Australia, has customer installations throughout Australia and New Zealand and has offices in both Sydney and Melbourne with a strong and tight-knit team delivering a variety of customer solutions.

The ANZ office of SSI SCHAEFER is known for its local expertise and independent provision of innovative customer installations with strengths in the Fashion, Pharmaceuticals and Automotive industries.  In the past SSI SCHAEFER has invested in growing local competence in many key functional areas, including system design, software development, PLC controls, IT Service, Customer Service and Continuous Improvement. With the logistics sector booming over recent years, this month SSI SCHAEFER is further investing in the growth of this local competence and growing its team in Australian/New Zealand announcing the recruitment of a number of positions locally, initially from the Software & Integration department.  All positions are listed in the careers section on the SSI SCHAEFER website and on either Seek or LinkedIn.

  • Application Support Engineers

  • Junior Software Engineers

  • Software Engineers

  • Senior Software Engineers

Increasing the local competency allows more effective management of increasingly larger and more complex projects and allows for better provision of customer requests.  It also helps avoid travel costs associated with relying on overseas technical specialists and having experts located in the local time zone leads to quicker reactions and resolutions for clients. This is applicable to the whole project lifecycle from system design to functional definition workshops, through to project management, integration and testing, ramp-up support and finally handover to customer service.

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