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High-value products, complete and traceable documentation, along with a complex operational frame­work place high demands on intralogistics in both the healthcare and cosmetics industries. Compliance guarantees essential patient safety and can give a distinct advantage in competitive markets.              

SSI SCHAEFER is firmly committed to safety by providing complete documentation of prescription medications, throughout the entire warehouse. This traceability guarantees protection against counterfeiting and ensures the reliability of the supply chain.

Find out more about:

  • the challenges of end-to-end traceability and our comprehensive solution portfolio

  • the successful projects with Slawex (e.g. A-Frame, Schäfer Scan Machine, container systems and WAMAS®) and Bidafarma (e.g. SSI Order Verifier and WAMAS®), and

  • our smart robotics application for high-speed picking and guaranteed process stability.

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update company magazine, healthcare & cosmetics

update company magazine, healthcare & cosmetics

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