Diverse uses

Robot technology is a key element of the Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) system. The robots are utilised for layered depalletising. The combination of three proven gripper technologies (vacuum multi-grip, vacuum-chamber, and mechanical clamping) guarantees that the depalletising process is highly dynamic and functions reliably while also handling the product gently. Furthermore, they are also utilized for palletising mixed pallets when supplying branches, for example.

SSI SCHAEFER offers a broad portfolio of depalletising and palletising robotics systems. These can be precisely tailored to the industry’s specific requirements.

Retail: Layered palletising (rainbow palletizing)

Beverage: Carton palletising, tower picking

Retail, Automotive, 3PL: Container palletising

Automotive: Container (KLT) depalletising