SSI Robo-Pick

Innovative image recognition system

The SSI Robo-Pick is served by SSI SCHAEFER’s Cuby shuttle system, the Schaefer Carousel System (SCS), or the Schaefer Miniload Crane (SMC) with trays loaded with single layers. These are analysed and assessed by the image recognition system, developed specifically for the SSI Robo-Pick. The picking robots pick the required products as per order request from the warehouse management system and place them gently in the corresponding order container within a matter of seconds. Depending on the order structure, between 10 and 20 orders can be processed simultaneously.

The SSI Robo-Pick image processing system is not influenced by multi-layered products, products lying at an angle, black articles, round products, asymmetrical, or angular packaging. Your benefit: Stored articles neither have to be programmed into a system in a complex process, nor do they require a special position in the storage container.

The SSI Robo-Pick utilises the links between load carriers and articles that already exist in every automated warehouse to ensure that the customers receive the correct articles. Every carton, every tray, and every container — every load carrier is always assigned to an article. The multi-stage monitoring of the entire procedure simultaneously results in almost error-free picking results.

Furthermore, the SSI Robo-Pick is not simply restricted to order picking applications. It is also an ideal solution for processing returns. This is an area of logistics which is becoming increasingly important for distance selling and mail-order business.