Batch Pick’n Scan Sorter

Semi-automated picking

Goods-to-person picking

Humans remain an essential and economical factor when it comes to performing many picking activities. Using semi-automated picking systems from SSI SCHAEFER for your goods-to-person solutions enables you to significantly enhance the efficiency of your warehouse while simultaneously improving the quality.

We offer you an extensive range of modular solutions: 

Highly flexible

The semi-automated commissioning systems from SSI SCHAEFER can be easily integrated into your existing or planned picking procedures and strategies. They are the optimum solution when used with dynamic flow, shelf racks and pallet racks. Furthermore, they can also be installed rapidly and are easy to both use and maintain.

ergonomics@work!® concept

All SSI SCHAEFER work stations are designed with a clear focus on ergonomics. This approach prompted the development of the ergonomics@work!® concept. For example, the carefully designed “top to bottom” movement sequence with the Pick to Tote solution makes the work less strenuous. Moreover, we utilise natural, ‘skin-friendly’ and yet robust materials, that enhance your employees’ productivity.

Perfectly harmonized components

SSI SCHAEFER delivers the complete solution for all semi-automated picking systems. The components range from containers to the technology and management software. Our extensive experience ensures that you receive a rapid installation and perfectly harmonized components. We are happy to advise you and assist with finding the correct solution for your logistics requirements.


  • Based on the goods-to-person principle

  • The highest picking quality

  • Optimum material flow

  • Minimised error frequency

  • Gentlest handling of your products

  • Easy to integrate into your existing picking procedures

  • Scalability

  • Rapid installation

  • Easy maintenance

  • High throughput

  • Ergonomic work stations


Semi-automated picking systems and material supply

Batch Pick’n Scan Sorter

Batch Pick ’n Scan Sorter

Parallel Picking System

Parallel Picking Systems (PPS)

Get and Pick

Pick to Tote

Pick to bucket

Pick to Bucket

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