Take Advantage of SSI LOGIMAT®’s Additional Functions

Depending on the application, the software can offer management of items and storage locations and implement barcode scanners for item retrieval or storage. User administration, a transaction log and support for SSI LOGIMAT options like LOGITILT, LOGIPOINTER and LOGIWORK are just a few of LOGIONE’s features. LOGIDUAL, on the other hand, is not supported.

Users can store or pick items easily; visualisation of storage compartments and locations is also supported, making picking and storage virtually error-free. The LOGIONE solution is an excellent first step towards the digital transformation of warehouses. Focused on that and designed as a simple and clear system, it does not offer advanced warehouse strategies or complex order management.

Using LOGIONE is only possible on SSI LOGIMAT type SLL that has LOGIDRIVER installed and at least a 12" display. If you would like to purchase this option at a later date, please contact us

LOGIONE  can only manage one vertical lift module. However, the combined management of several SSI LOGIMAT or the integration of other vertical lift modules is possible via our intralogistics software WAMAS.