Modular Shelving System

Mobile racks for light and moderate loads

More storage in less space

Do you store documents, clothing, small parts, spare parts, tires, tools, or other light to moderate compartment loads? The mobile racks from SSI SCHAEFER enable you to not only optimise your space requirements but also free up additional space on your premises. The highest quality, modular configuration, diverse combination options, and the greatest flexibility are key features of our mobile light-load racking systems.

The easy solution for the highest efficiency

All SSI SCHAEFER racks and cabinet systems can be mounted on carriages. These carriages are moved parallel to each other by either a crank or individual motor drives. As a consequence, only one aisle is required for rapid access to all stored goods. The large number of rack aisles saved by the system is highly economical. This solution helps you to reduce the amount of space needed in the office, at the workshop, or in the warehouse. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for expensive expansions while also significantly optimising your in-house processes by reducing time spent moving.


SSI SCHAEFER’s mobile racks for light and moderate compartment loads are available in four models, depending on the goods stored and the requirements:

  • Crank drive with rail-guided system: This model moves on rails anchored to the floor and is suitable for high and narrow designs.

  • Crank drive with rail-less system: Because the existing floor does not have to be modified when installing this model, the rail-free solution can be easily installed on almost all existing surfaces and is also ideal for use with special floors or heated floors.

  • Electric drive and RFID technology: We combine the versatility of mobile racks with the advantages of modern RFID technology. This creates a racking system that is both secure and convenient to use. It is also suitable for a diverse range of applications in offices, workshops, and archives.

  • Space savings: 40% less space than racks arranged in stationary rows, or 85% more warehouse space within the same area

  • Optimise and reduce time spent moving as part of the in-house processes

  • Economy through reduced rack aisles (reduced space requirements, eliminates need for expensive site expansions)  

  • Optimise your space requirements and free up additional space in the room

  • Three different versions (rail-mounted or rail-less system with crank drive or electric drive with RFID technology)

  • Modular design options

  • The highest quality

  • Highly flexible due to modular configuration and diverse combination options


Brochure Mobile Racking

Brochure Mobile Racking

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