Healthcare & Cosmetics

Healthcare & Cosmetics

Innovative intralogistics solutions for the Healthcare and Cosmetics sector

Sensitive products, comprehensive documentation and complex requirements create extremely demanding intralogistics situations for manufacturers and distributors of healthcare and cosmetics products. Continually decreasing storage stocks demand more frequent deliveries with smaller quantities. The customer’s expectations and requirements such as rapid delivery, despite orders placed at short notice, increase the demands on the logistics chain.

Gentle handling of the products frequently plays a key role in the cosmetics sector. Scratches or damage to the packaging must be prevented at all costs. Both seasonal peaks, increasing omni-channel marketing, need to be handled effectively. In contrast, the healthcare sector requires an exceptional level of picking during peak times in combination with absolute reliability.

Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER:



Logistics solutions for Healthcare & Cosmetics

At the forefront of logistics

Boticário Group is the world’s largest cosmetics franchise chain. In 2002, SSI Schaefer formed a partnership with the Boticário Group in order to carry out retrofitting of its first automated warehouse. This initial partnership was so successful that both companies have been working together ever since in implementing the most up-to-date automated warehouses on the market.

Case Studies

SSI SCHAEFER possesses extensive expertise and innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics supply chain. This includes manual, partially, and fully automated solutions.


Case Study CERP Rouen

Reference Pharmapool

Case Study Pharmapool AG

Symbion A-Frame

Case Study Symbion Brisbane

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Shuttle System Cuby with up to 36 storage levels

Small Load Carriers

Storage & Shuttle Systems

Manual order picking of barcodes with RFID scanner



Batch Pick’n Scan Sorter

Schäfer Scan Machines

Dreamwarehouse Signet Magic Quadrant 2021

Logistics Software WAMAS®

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The right solution for every industry. SSI SCHAEFER’s expertise combines specific know-how with extensive experience to deliver tailored solutions.

Expertise for every sector. The expertise of SSI SCHAEFER: specialist know-how

Expertise for every sector. The expertise of SSI SCHAEFER: specialist know-how and many years of experience in producing customized solutions. 

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Lasting effects: Solutions for Healthcare & Cosmetics. Automated processes,

Lasting effects: Solutions for Healthcare & Cosmetics. Automated processes, guaranteed security and optimized supply capability.

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Trading successfully: Solutions for Retail & Wholesale

Trading successfully: Solutions for Retail and Wholesale. Automate processes, enhance flexibility and efficiency, optimise availability

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