GMT Steel Oleocont

Two-wheeled steel containers

Two-wheeled container made of galvanised steel for the correct disposal of waste contaminated with oil
Oleocont® ensures the secure disposal of oily substances: The Oleocont® from SSI SCHAEFER is a special container for collecting and storing oily waste. The solution is used by workshops, petrol stations, and other commercial and industrial fields where there is an increased risk of fire. The system is very easy to use: you use the container like any other standard waste container. It fulfills the fire protection regulations and also ensures both cleanliness and safety.

SSI SCHAEFER’s containers featuring the optional Oleocont® design (as per the Dangerous Substances Ordinance) are also certified for transporting and storing solid and hazardous goods as per the GGVS classification.

Large 240 litre steel waste container for waste collection in areas with a fire risk

The large capacity, sturdy design, easy handling, and long service life are the key features of the GMT 240 steel container from SSI SCHAEFER. This is the right waste container for company areas where there is a fire risk. The waste is disposed of using standardised lifting in tipping devices as per DIN standards. The large waste container from SSI SCHAEFER is made of galvanised steel panel, making it non-flammable.



  • Manufactured from galvanised steel panels, and therefore non-flammable

  • Especially suitable for: workshops, petrol stations, industrial and commercial operations with an increased risk of fire

  • Available with a 240 litre design

  • Fitting collar for emptying chutes as per DIN EN 840

  • Completely foldable cover to enable optimum filling and emptying

  • Insulation of cover and body using rubber buffers to eliminate sparks

  • Optional: GGVS certification with two fasteners, retrofitting of old containers for GGVS certification

  • Large waste container with a 240 litre design

  • Manufactured out of galvanised steel panels, thus non-flammable

  • Easy handling while simultaneously robust and sturdy

  • Welded, leak-tight production including the tipping edge

  • With optional forklift pockets for emptying a central collection points