Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Logistics is the lifeblood of the fourth industrial revolution and makes a key contribution to the Industry 4.0 concept. The intelligent, Automated Guided Vehicles from SSI SCHAEFER are one of the technologies providing a ground-breaking response to current challenges in intralogistics.

Automated guided vehicles become an integral part of the solution portfolio for fully-automated intralogistics systems. The AGV fleet from SSI SCHAEFER features a diverse range of solutions for large and small load carriers that are capable of creating a logistics network, encompassing various warehouse and working areas. The solution can be configured and also flexibly expanded to keep pace with your specific requirements. Benefit from a significant reduction in operating costs and increased storage logistics efficiency.

SSI SCHAEFER is the world’s leading expert in warehouse automation and an innovator in the field of material flow optimization with AGV support. This is reflected by the broad range of AGV solutions for a vast range of applications. The WEASEL®, for example, is ideal for small transport units such as containers and cartons in areas with limited space. Larger auto-guided vehicles equipped with fork lifts or conveyor elements for pallets and roll containers increase flexibility for demanding transport, storage, and picking activities.

AGV systems can be flexibly integrated into every unique warehouse organization, handling tasks from simple goods-to-person transport to a fully automated solution as part of a complete system. SSI SCHAEFER always has the optimum intralogistics solution.

The Automated Guided Vehicles utilize optical laser or sensor-based navigation. This guarantees you 100% reliability combined with state-of-the-art technologies. Furthermore, the autonomously navigating vehicles are fully compatible with the SSI SCHAEFER 2Lite lithium battery technology, enabling high-performance logistics concepts capable of operating 24 hours a day.

A fleet controller manages and optimizes all transport orders. The system can receive the orders from every desired warehouse management system. With software solutions from SSI SCHAEFER you retain perfect control of your entire logistics operation.