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Best Practices for the FDA Drug Supply Chain Security Act

The FDA was established in 1906 to help curtail abuses of food and drugs in the consumer marketplace. Over 100 years later, these concerns sometimes resurface. In an effort to increase product tracing, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act was signed into law under the Obama administration in 2013. But what does this mean for the drug supply chain?

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act establishes rules for an interconnected electronic system. This system identifies and traces prescription drugs throughout the supply chain within the United States. Under this law, dispensers in the supply chain must be capable of exchanging information about the prescription drugs they carry and where they go throughout the country.

With the FDA rolling out product tracing requirements for dispensers through 2023, it is now extremely important for these companies to ensure operations are prepared for these changes. Learn how to ensure your company meets the 2023 deadline.

With this guide from the team of logistics experts at SSI SCHAEFER, you will learn the details of these requirements and find solutions to ensure your supply chain is compliant. By utilizing automation equipment like product verifiers, order verifiers, and robot-assisted picking, dispensers can easily track product through an error-free picking process.

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