Case Picking

Schäfer Case Picking (SCP)

Seamless automation is a total concept
Schäfer Case Picking is an integrated, modular, and fully scalable solution for automated delivery picking. With the SCP, SSI SCHAEFER offers a consistently fully automated concept for picking product units for individual branches.

The Schäfer Case Picking concept
This concept covers incoming goods, depalletizing, buffering, picking, sequencing, and palletizing along with goods-out. You profit from a number of benefits that contribute to increasing the efficiency and economy of your entire logistics chain:

  • Innovative optical checks without any additional labeling systems such as barcode or transponder identification

  • Manual or automated supplier from the stock warehouse (with stackers or storage-retrieval machines)

  • Automated depalletizing of the manufacturer’s pallets in individual layers

  • Automated temporary storage of the trays in highly dynamic tray buffer systems

  • Automated picking and branch sequencing of the individual products

  • Automatic palletizing using palletizing robots and pallet securing (pallets or roll containers)

Intelligent product registration via Machine Vision technology
Various software modules are necessary to enable the automated palletizing and depalletizing. The “Machine Vision” module from SSI SCHAEFER makes robots more intelligent and an ideal solution for logistics. This module enables robots to identify objects and precisely access the goods. Combined with integrated 3D image processing, the software provides comprehensive monitoring and is also capable of displaying the identification processes on monitors as an option. The process uses master data records to detect any deviations. The robot’s control system and the goods flow monitoring utilize multiple integrated 3D cameras.


In parallel, our Schaefer Pack Pattern Generator (SPPG) utilizes the information obtained with “Machine Vision” to process orders on the fly. The SPPG is a software module for our proprietary WAMAS® logistics software. This module ensures volume-optimized, sturdy package formation for individual branches. Using an intelligent package algorithm calculates the packing pattern for pallets and containers, and then defines the ideal packing pattern for the objects. The combination of robots, SPPG and WAMAS® guarantees you consistently high packing quality together with reliable, reproducible packing patterns. This results in a pallet perfectly compiled for the dispatch process that makes maximum use of the available volume.

Food wholesale, in particular, involves a vast spectrum of very different articles when picking and compiling order pallets. The SPPG handles this challenge with the intelligence of a comprehensive, high-performance IT system. This eliminates the sorting tasks at the branches.

By utilizing automated procedures, you minimize your personal requirements and maximize your delivery speed. Furthermore, the use of robots also prevents damage to the goods and the associated return shipments.

The SCP concept is highly adaptable and can be configured to your individual requirements. The standard modules are modified to match the customer’s specific requirements. As a consequence, they fulfill the unique standards of the food, non-food, or deep-freeze sectors and handle products ranging from temperature-controlled goods to other merchandise.

  • Warehousing temperature-controlled fresh goods: Storage and processing procedures for product detection and tracking along with inventory management are carried out without conventional labeling using barcodes or transponders

  • Increased delivery speed due to the completely automated process (same day/next day delivery)

  • Minimizes personnel requirements thanks to automated procedures

  • Suitable for deep-freeze applications

  • Minimizes goods breakage or loss and the associated return shipments thanks to computer-controlled volume and static-optimized palletizing using robots

  • Processes 30,000 to more than 300,000 packages/day

  • Reduces energy and freight costs by making maximum use of the freight area and optimizing the route planning

  • Minimizes error rates during picking through the use of Machine Vision technology

  • Consistent transparency and traceability

  • SPPG: calculates the optimum packing pattern (volume-optimized, by product class)

  • Shop-friendly delivery

  • The packing pattern calculation can be flexibly adapted (usable for small to large picking factors and simple to complex products)

  • Can be easily expanded for individual processes and packing rules

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