Pallet Racking


Shuttle solutions are nothing new for intralogistics. The characteristics that differentiate the SSI SCHAEFER channel storage system from the competition are the features with which the system is tailored to the safety and efficiency requirements of the global markets:

  • Energy supply via patented and environmentally friendly power caps or batteries

  • Innovative lifting mechanisms without hydraulics

  • Safe transport of the Orbiter® using the docking station along with a low risk of accident, preventing expensive repairs and downtimes of the warehouse

  • The highest safety in the warehouse thanks to the redundant design of safety-relevant components

  • User-friendly thanks to its easy handling and ergonomic design

  • The Orbiter® system is also suitable for deep-freeze applications

You receive a complete system as a one-stop solution.

All standard components such as the control technology, shuttle vehicle, and safety elements are manufactured exclusively by SSI SCHAEFER’s own production facilities.