Mobile shelving for light loads

Mobile light-load racks with RFID technology

Rapid, safe, and effortless work thanks to RFID technology
In addition to the manually driven mobile racks, SSI SCHAEFER also offers an innovative electric model. In comparison to the manual version, the electric system is moved by individual motor drives. This guarantees fast, secure and, above all, effortless work, even with loads of up to 16 tonnes.

Highly economical
The electric mobile light-load rack with RFID technology offers 85% more storage volume than static systems, taking up the same surface area. Furthermore, the system eliminates the need for expensive expansions to the premises and optimizes company processes. The rack system can be expanded with additional functions from SSI SCHAEFER’s proven range of accessories. These functions include operating hours meters or automatic aisle lighting.

Areas of use:

  • Office and archive

  • Industry

  • Libraries

  • Museums

  • Parts and spare parts warehouses

  • Tire storage



Many companies store confidential documents, valuable objects, or other goods to which only a limited group of people are permitted to have access. SSI SCHAEFER combines the versatility of the electric mobile light-load rack with the security and comfort of RFID technology. This creates a new and efficient solution for offices, workshops, and archives.

The system is accessed by scanning a badge on the control panel. Access barriers ensure the highest user security. The aisle is opened by selecting the desired movement function which automatically moves the carriage in the desired direction. The authorized personnel then stores or removes the goods. The users are easily managed using PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Furthermore, the system controls can also be seamlessly integrated into an existing resource management system.

  • Secure operation and access via RFID

  • Modular expansion

  • 40% less storage area required for the same storage quantity, 85% more storage volume with the same storage area

  • Electronic access control to all rack rows with access memory

  • No risk of tripping as the rails are recessed into the floor

  • Can be integrated into an existing resource management system


Brochure Mobile Racking

Brochure Mobile Racking

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